Mission Statement


Jim has photographed over 500 weddings, multiple magazine editorials and has worked in the Fashion and Entertainment industry for over 20 years. His experience has been in everything from commercial product shoots to portraits, weddings, events, and editorials.

His focus on photojournalism has been a mainstay in all of his work with people. He has chosen to use this delivery method for his images to tell the story of the individuals he photographs. Whether it is a professional model, a bride or groom or anyone who steps in front of his lens. Each image must tell a story. Sometimes there will be multiple images which tell a much longer story.

The artist statement of "A Certain Viewpoint" simply means from his view. These images show the world as he sees it. There is no right, no wrong, only what is happening now.

His philosophical statement is fairly simple as well. Life is short. Each and every day is something to cherish and photographs help us remember the best times of our lives. These images serve as a simple reminder of the good days, the bad days, and all days which make us who we are.